5 tips to make your corporate video a success

5 April 2019

The digital world of today is filled with the noise of brands competing with each other for audience attention. A show-stopping corporate video is an great way to break out from the masses and present the best of your company to the world – here are our tips to make yours a success.

1. Write your brand story

Whether it's a video or a static image, any marketing collateral you create for your business is going to tell a story to your customer base. Think carefully about what you'd like it to say. Unless your business is unveiling a new image or is going through a rebranding, it's important to make sure your story ties in with your current marketing efforts. This will help in maintaining brand recognition.

Regardless of whoever you're presenting your corporate video to, ensure the message is memorable and one that is sure to instill loyalty to your brand. Ideally, you want to invoke an emotional response. Influencing feelings is a tried-and-true advertising tactic that is beneficial across all facets of marketing. 

While people would like to think that they use their heads to make key decisions, studies have shown that emotions play a big part in making brand evaluations, and in turn, purchases. This insight is important when it comes to creating your corporate video – what parts of your brand story will invoke an emotional response in your audience, and make them care about your message? Perhaps your business contributes to local tree planting events, or offer products used in hospitals. Isolating and identifying these aspects and angles can make for corporate video gold.

Planning at a tableSpend time determining your brand story, and how this may translate visually.

2. Understand your audience

When creating any media that the public is going to consume and critique, it's key that you understand your target audience. What makes them tick? Think about you would like them to get out of your video. Is your video a reflection of performance to share with internal stakeholders, or inspiration to rouse public recognition?

Ensuring you have accurate insights into your marketing persona means you can tailor features of your video to adhere to their tastes. If your business is targeting younger people, make note of social media trends and aspects of videography that are popular. Remember – the social media generation are often conscious of trends, and may have expectations of their viewing experiences. 

3. Show it, don't say it

As aforementioned, the accessibility of media and technological advancements in videography has raised audience expectations of what constitutes a good video experience. For this reason, visual effects are everything. A good rule to abide by when considering your corporate video is to show, not tell. Rather than simply stating an idea, use strong imagery to convey your message. Make sure this imagery contains straightforward visual metaphors for your corporate videos, however. If it's too complex, your ideas may become lost in translation.

If the information you're presenting is statistics heavy, keep things interesting. Ditch the static images and get things moving – making use of visual features such as 3D motion graphics and dynamic typography to hold the attention of your audience.

Motion graphicDynamic motion graphics can add extra spark to your corporate video and hold audience attention.

4. Seek shareability

The modern media world is incredibly competitive, especially where social media is concerned. Businesses and brands need to engage in a constant battle with platform algorithms to ensure their product is seen by the right people. If you want your corporate video to be seen, consider playing up the viral factor. Think about trending videos you have interacted with recently, and what aspects encouraged you to share them. This may involve playing into the emotional side of your audience, or bringing in an idea from the left field for a point of difference. Make sure you don't over-do this, however. Maintaining your company values, story and integrity is key – infamy can be devastating to a business.

InstagramIf your corporate video is for the public eye, make sure it has a viral factor for the greatest impact.

5. Hire professionals

Some things are best left to the experts – for example, hiring film professionals can mean success for your corporate video. Those in the field of video production will have strong skills in directing and storyboarding to turn your ideas into feasible plans and translate them to the screen.

The media production team at CMS Australasia are incredibly skilled in the art of videography, and can handle a range of ideas and subject matter, from shoots of a small scale to complex productions. With a keen eye for detail that comes with years of experience, the team are dedicated to ensuring your message makes a strong impression on your audience.

For more information on what CMS Australasia can do for your corporate video needs, request a proposal from the team.