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The beauty of the Saddlespan™ is in the sleek and simple architectural design. These curve stage covers offer a clean, modern shape providing stunning visuals, amazing acoustics and are a perfect backdrop for lighting effects and branding.
CMS stocks two sizes.

Saddlespan™ S1000

The S1000 is a neat solution for a performance or entertainment area. It can be installed on grass using ground stakes or on hard surfaces with ballasts. As a concert shell, with the back end on and the front open to the audience, this classic shape remains the most popular.

The S1000 can also be used as an eye-catching open-ended canopy providing shelter at outdoor events, as a branded activation space, or as a food & beverage serving area.

Open Ended – 9.8 m wide x 16.8 m long x 5.1 m high : Total area 164m²
Fully Enclosed – 9.8 m wide x 19m long x 5.1 m high : Total area 186m²

Saddlespan™ S2000

The S2000 is a larger solution offering enough space to build individual spaces within.

The S2000 is an ideal marquee for pop-up events, outdoor festivals and concerts, a unique and outstanding look for outdoor exhibitions and shows.

Open Ended – 12m wide x 18.2m long x 5.5m high : Total area 218m²
Concert Shell – 12m wide x 22m long x 5.5m high : Total area 264m²
Fully Enclosed – 12m wide x 24.2m long x 5.5m high : Total area 290m²

Saddlespan™ marquees and curves can be installed on grass as a standard installation or on a hard concrete or tarmacs. Standard installation can be completed using the Saddlespan™ ground anchor system which comes included in the installation cost. If a hard standing is required this can be arranged using a ballast solution. They can also be lifted up to 1.5m off the ground using custom risers.

These unique structures not only look great but they are fairly environmentally friendly.  Quick to install with minimal impact on the ground, our expert and qualified crew will set up these models with no requirement for heavy machinery or power supplies on site. Their unique simplicity means they are easy to transport to your venue, and the ability to use ballast fasteners mean they can be fixed to any surfaces with little to no impact.

Our stage, lighting and sound technicians love working with our Saddlespans™ as they can easily achieve exceptional results. The marquee’s rigging can hold an extraordinary amount of AV equipment which can be attached straight on to it. Equipment can be attached to the framework at ground level before the tent is fully raised, avoiding the need for working at heights. Of course, these set ups require power or generators.