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If you want to lower costs, extend your reach or speed to market, we’re here to help you design your online event, anytime, anywhere – or from our custom-built studio

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Our streaming services team are experienced technicians who have been using streaming media and products since the early days.  CMS streams events of all types, including using Facebook Live. We will also manage on-demand content providing safe and secure, high-quality streaming service for our customers

Our small stream quick set up, one-camera solution is perfect for small events at any location

For large events and conferences, think about multi-camera, multi-platform solutions with secure multi-path data. We offer tailored solutions that cover audio and video at full HD resolution

We can also assist you in planning to fill stream time gaps, such as meal breaks, with useful and valuable content for your audience

Thinking of creating a webinar or series to educate online? Streaming allows you to connect with stakeholders anywhere in the world, broadening audiences, extending your reach and opening up new markets and you can listen and respond to them in real time

Our secure streaming platform ensures the best levels of security and privacy and our multi-level networking solutions provide security against drop-outs keeping the full HD stream running smoothly for as long as you need it

Our studio in Melbourne is equipped and ready for your live web event. Cameras, internet, broadcast switcher, audio solutions, lighting and web conference software. We can get you out there on your platform of choice or on a secure solution for your company TV. We can prepare your own landing-page design, participant registration and social media promotion

We also offer a green screen set up and can also create custom backdrops and themed content on screen

We include backup equipment and risk-reduction options. Broadcast quality cameras give us the ability to work in difficult lighting conditions and provide the highest quality recordings after the event

Using a range of cameras allow us to get in the best positions for capture. Our AV mixing desk is compact but packs a punch, so we won’t take up too much of your precious room space

If you need more than a live stream with additional content, we have our media production team.  Professional videographers, creative and graphic designers, and photographers, to help with styling and more. We can also provide full AV & Staging services to produce your event or conference

“Live internet video traffic will grow 15-fold from 2016-2021…”

Source: Cisco Visual Networking Index Forecast and Methodology whitepaper 2016-2021


It’s no secret that streaming is becoming a necessary part of doing business, so, let’s chat