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If you’re producing video for internal, B2C, B2B, or streaming,
we will make you a stand-out package

Our media production team is highly skilled and experienced in creating video content.  We are specialists in producing, coordinating, directing, sound engineering, colour grading and integrating other content
We do from intimate through to complex shoots

Our graphic design team add polish to any presentation. Creating content in all formats for graphic storytelling, making themes come to life, experts at special effects, and small and large-scale projection mapping
Our skills are as flexible as your imagination

Video services

Live video recording
Onsite or Studio
Voice Over and music
Captioning and Transcription
Streaming video
In-house studios x 3

Graphic services

Special effects
Motion graphics
Animation creation
3D animatics
Projection mapping
Branded set building
LED wall design and animated content
Interpretation of style and guidelines

Video types

The CMS Video Production team can work with you to create a high-quality product that informs and inspires your audience. We can bring your story to life through video

  • Presentation or product demonstrations – can really help audiences connect with your brand
  • Motivational or promotional ‘feel good’ videos – show the benefits of your product, service or event, or celebrate success and achievements
  • An educational explainer video – is a cost-effective way to keep your people up-to-date with current standards, practices, compliance or teach them a new skill
  • Short-shoot social media – campaigns are easy with us and we can turn them around quickly, efficiently and affordably
  • Message videos – share your story with teams, clients and customers; keep them informed and your social content up to date
  • Broadcast quality TV ads – also part of our repertoire. We have all the equipment required to produce broadcast quality TV ads or the next marketing video for your organisation or team

Shoot forms

With the ability to handle all types of shoots and the equipment to suit all conditions, our team will put you at ease and supply you with a high-quality package. We also design and build physical sets or virtual sets using your branding

  • Conference and event shoots – are a snap with us, we can turn around an edited package for use at the event closing or for you to use to launch your next event
  • We shoot presentation capture – to enhance your story telling ability by feeding it Live to Screen in the room and/or to the world via web stream
  • News, media launch, press event – we can support you or your agency to shoot and supply news networks with broadcast quality footage on your behalf
  • On-location shoots – at your premises, in a store, classroom, or office. And outdoor shoots on the street, farm, beach or on the sports field
  • Studio shoots – at our premises or at a studio of your choice, using green screen or on set
  • Custom equipment – one camera kit doesn’t suit all purposes, we have access to an array of camera formats, lights and sound equipment plus cranes, gimbles, dollies and drones; to tailor the gear required to your needs

Check out our Blog for more information on how media production can help your business.

“By 2021, video will represent 82% of all global Internet traffic…”

Source: Cisco Visual Networking Index Forecast and Methodology whitepaper 2016-2021


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