January 8, 2021


In a hand we never dreamt could be dealt, 2020 will be remembered as the year that completely reformed the global Events Industry. Whilst we eagerly await vaccine rollouts before we can comfortably plan for live events again, we have pulled out these top 5 event trends for 2021.
Let’s take a closer look at our five-card trick for this coming year.



Without a doubt the industry now has a new and most important measurable – how to effectively manage Covid-19 containment and risk minimisation. None of us can afford to be the source of a new cluster or heaven forbid, a super-spreader. It is therefore imperative that we all take responsibility to work through planned and scrupulous processes to ensure this doesn’t happen on our watch.

These practices must be a standard part of your planning and clearly enforced;

  • limiting numbers of people and adhering to indoor square-metre quotas
  • thorough and regular cleaning processes
  • physical distancing
  • mask provision and wearing
  • hand washing and sanitising stations
  • temperature checking on arrival and QR-code data collection at check-in
  • providing outdoor/ventilated spaces where possible

Our team use these safety processes and as event professionals make sure they are imposed even if this means being prescriptive with our customers. Regular reviews of government updates to ensure we are keeping up with current changes to rules and regulations is also very important.


We have said this before and we still believe that this will be the way for the foreseeable future. Let’s face it, we have all embraced the virtual event and we think this element of hybrid events will remain the most substantial component until vaccines are rolled out and audiences feel more confident.

Safety top of the house
Australia Post Hybrid 2020

As you endeavour to pull together your event plans; HOW you manage your Hybrid events will become more important this year. One thing we have learned from 2020 is that simply attempting to convert from a live event format to a virtual event doesn’t always work.

Supporting your audiences through smart event design will be paramount. Providing flexibility and choice to online and live audiences will be key. As will providing people opportunities to engage with presenters and other attendees. We don’t think that major events are out of the question; it’s just a matter of how you group different event components and how you handle online and onsite audiences to form a cohesive event experience for them.




Content will be queen
Toyota surprised guests in 2020

Your agenda planning is still keeping your audiences engaged throughout the entirety of your event. Filling the whole agenda with content is key to running the virtual component of your event while providing modified networking and wellness time will be key for the live audience.

Using pre-recorded video content for your hybrid (or virtual) event is a real winner. Creating this content takes pre-planning and sometimes a bit of out-of-the-box thinking but it pays rich dividends in terms of time saving and post-event marketing collateral.

Why not Wow! your audiences with your content. Include surprises such as famous speakers, prize giveaways, entertainment. Use your event to make key business announcements such as a new product launch. Be creative and change-up the delivery style of your content such as creating Q&A sessions, panel discussions, or interviews.




During the past year, ‘Zoom’ became part of our global vocab, and an overabundance of event technology solutions and virtual platforms promised to be the jewel in the crown of the DIY virtual event. So, how’s all that going for you?

Ace the technology
CA-ANZ Hybrid Conference 2020

Consider how our expectations have increased in terms of technology. As event management teams and providers began to embrace virtual experiences, we found that high-quality production quickly provided the Ace up the sleeve for many.

Cutting edge technologies and quality equipment are expensive, and our customers realise that the one thing they cannot compromise is the quality of the stream. Quality is achieved through using superior technologies and equipment, experienced AV support, meticulous planning, attention to detail and timing, and understanding how to mitigate issues. Quality planning breeds quality outcomes.




top event trends for 2021

Our customers have really jumped on board when it comes to the way they plan for these events.

For all of you event planners of our industry, now is the time to change your thinking. Let these top 5 event trends for 2021 inspire you to take your event from being just another livestreamed session to an event with staggering results.

Along with event and media production, CMS has been helping customers reframe and reshape their events to virtual and hybrid for some time. If you would like to talk through how we can assist your business to adapt give us a call.