What motion graphics can add to your next product launch

26 September 2018


Successfully launching a product in today’s market comes as much from an extravagant release event as from any features of the product itself. Think of some of the biggest names in world retail – Apple, Nike, BMW – and they all have the same thing in common. No matter the product being sold, the showmanship and spectacle of the product launch is a key part of the marketing. One such way to add this element of razzle-dazzle is to include motion graphics.

Motion graphics are a key tool at marketers’ disposal – Aberdeen research suggests it can boost a business’ revenues by nearly 50 per cent if used effectively. It can reinvent how your viewers experience a product launch, seamlessly augmenting reality with additional graphical information to deliver a truly memorable event.

Nailing the product launch

Launching a new product isn’t easy – businesses are constantly trying to up the ante with more inventive and visually-appealing ways of announcing the arrival of a new product on the market. To get people excited before your offering hits the shelf, you need to engage online and deliver as much information on the product as you can in an interesting way. Think back to one of the most famous product launches of all time; Apple’s 2007 release of the first iPhone.

The iPhone launch was orchestrated to engage and amaze, with the spectacle going far behind just introducing the device’s functionality. To build the launch into a memorable event, the Apple team added exciting visual effects in a video presentation and live demo of the phone’s innovative, making the launch much more than just a simple, informative experience.

These visual elements were vital to communicating with the emotions of the launch audience in a way that a speech alone couldn’t.

Now take the example of a car marque such as Volvo. A major part of marketing for car marques is selling a lifestyle with the brand, connecting the business to key words or images that describe how the car fits the needs of drivers. In 2014, the Swedish manufacturer launched its latest XC-90 marque to the Australian market. Looking to entice local drivers, Volvo turned to CMS Australasia to deliver a moving product launch that would sell the brand story. And we succeeded through a killer motion graphics presentation.

What are motion graphics?

The term motion graphics refers to any animated content such as GIFs, videos, and 2D and 3D images. They can also incorporate augmented and virtual reality. Motion graphics are used to stimulate an emotional response from the audience, adding information to a presentation in a visual and engaging way.

When working with event production experts, the only limit to the motion graphics used for your product launch is your imagination. This means motion graphics can be used in dozens of interesting ways to excite, inform and persuade all at once, giving your event an extra boost.

For example, after meeting with Volvo’s marque representatives, we were able to devise a motion graphic presentation that encompassed light projections on the surface of the XC-90 car itself. These images were able to communicate information about the specific vehicle make and the story behind the brand, emphasising the exciting power and comforting safety of Volvo’s cars.

CMS Australasia’s motion graphics services

Adding motion graphics to your next product launch is a step towards communicating with your audience on another level. Using our production expertise and event lighting and design software, you can capture your audience’s attention and hold it, selling your product without a word spoken.

Ultimately, using motion graphics is about adding a layer of excitement to the everyday, transforming a more immersive product launch into a total visual experience. For more information about what our event production team can offer, contact CMS Australasia today.