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The backbone of our business is providing audio visual & staging design no matter how small or how large, we set the stage and you steal the show

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The CMS warehouse is filled to the rafters with state-of-the-art AV equipment. Audio, vision, lighting, staging, and theming; our skilled technicians can pull together all of the technical requirements to put on an event of any size or type in any location. Don’t feel restricted to showing your content only on screens when you could also be using your well-designed set. When it comes to staging design, our team can make your brand or theme come to life. The stage is usually the centre of the audiences focus so why not use all of that real estate to your advantage?

Audio Visual

Staging Design




Sound mixing desks

PA systems


Specialty lighting and gobos



LED panels

Portable plasma and LCD screens

Computers, tablets and IT

Stage pieces

Props and themed pieces

Digital stage design

Static stage design

Traditional backdrops and drapes

Custom designed and branded sets

Off the shelf modular sets

Coloured stage flooring and dance floors

Stage shaping

Styled seating

Exhibition audio kits

Exhibition presentation kits


It’s simple, an event that has an audience needs to provide clear, audible sound. We can work with you to establish your exact audio requirements for the size and type of event you have planned. Indoors, outdoors, or online, we will work with you to design the best sound system for you You may also require accessibility for people in your audience who are deaf or hard of hearing, we can help you with captioning, hearing loops and augmentation, headphones and/or recommend qualified interpreters

Visuals & Lighting

Smart and meaningful visual presentation is vital to involve and inspire audiences. The CMS team provides a range of the latest tried and tested technology to make your event a feast for the eyes;

  • LED panels built to any size for indoors or outdoors
  • Projectors and screens to use in any space, small or large
  • 3D projection mapping design and services
  • Widescreen and blended projections
  • Seamless image switching
  • Content design and creation and media production for all event types

Our team doesn’t just set up lighting – we design lighting solutions for your event, exhibition, or display.  Our lighting experts will work with you to ensure the lighting fits the event. Stage lighting, special effect lighting, ambient lighting, stadium, display, exhibition lighting, including custom lighting displays

Staging Solutions

We know that having the latest technology means nothing if you don’t have the expertise to use it. CMS does extensive research and development before purchasing new equipment to ensure it will stand up to the promise it holds. Once it’s in, we train and train until we know how to make it work in real time events so that we can then use our experience to boost your events. We have been designing and building safe staging solutions since the 1990’s. Whether simple or intricate, indoors or out, we will ensure your stage is technically and structurally sound. We can design and custom-build stages in any venue or space so why not let us make your stage a feature focus for your next production. We have set-designers and stylists and technical crew that can set your stage, in-line with your event theme or brand CMS can help plan and design your event and staging to ensure accessibility by removing or working around barriers at both private and public events. Why not speak to us about your particular needs and we can do an access appraisal for you

Equipment HIRE

Our team provides fast hire service to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth We have some great kits and deals for short-term hiring. We also hire staging, so if you have a particular size of stage in mind, let’s have a chat. Big or small, we will deliver a customised kit perfect for your event and we can set it up for you. Alternatively, you can pick up from our warehouse. Complete a proposal now and we will be in touch.

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