Who makes virtual events tick? Episode 3

July 20, 2020


With the recent seismic shift into virtual and hybrid events, the CMS team think it’s a great time to take you on a tour behind the scenes to introduce you to the people in the roles that make these events happen. The roles on a virtual or hybrid event are a little different to those at a live event, look at how we do it.



Episode Three: THE TECHNICAL DIRECTOR with Anthony Skerman
Date: July 2020
Location: StudioCMS, Melbourne

Anthony is one of our senior Technical Directors with extra skills and passion for Systems Design. This make him our master of developing streamlined technical systems that deliver complex requirements.

“… the key difference between what we do here and a Zoom call or other video conferencing, is we don’t have any compression or break-up.
We have the highest quality images even from remote locations.”

Anthony joined us early in 2018 after moving from Queensland. He has been in the industry for over ten years. He began his journey specialising in audio and then lighting design. From there he moved into planning and supervision of Special Events for the BIG Gold Coast Theme Parks. Having worked in such large technical environments he honed his troubleshooting skills and his ability to develop technical solutions in short time frames.

No idea is too big for him. He works on simplifying intricate systems so he can make events run like clockwork. Anthony loves new technology and is constantly keeping up to date with the latest gadgets and new tech on the market. He is a self-confessed GEEK, but he is our geek.

What do Technical Directors do?

The TD is a senior role that is an integral part of the wider creative production team. They co-ordinate all technical aspects of a production. The work requires skills in multiple creative and analytical fields and is one of the leading positions in fulfilling the customer’s vision.

The TD ensures all technical aspects of the production work smoothly and safely. Much of this is done by co-ordinating between the Executive Producer, the Director, and all technical crew at each location.

Other responsibilities include creating floorplans and plots to translate the designer’s ideas into workable plans for the set-up crew along with co-ordinating schedules so the lighting, sound, set design and other crews have the time they need to set up their work.

Anthony’s friendly customer service sets him apart. He loves working with our customers to ensure they walk away feeling that their event was even better than they expected.

Stay tuned for Episode Four: The Event Producer.

Don’t let the technology scare you. Just make sure you have the right partners on board that you can trust to deliver your event to the level of professionalism you desire. Big or small, CMS does them all. So, if you need some advice or assistance with your next virtual or hybrid event, give us a call.