Live streaming-behind the scenes at the NBL

27 October 2017

The CMS Video Production team have been on-boarded by the NBL to assist with all Live game streams and some major announcements. This step is proving to be a crowd-pleaser with enormous jumps in fan engagement on-line.

With the NBL pre-season in full swing, we have assisted in upping fan engagement this year in professionally producing these games live streaming through their Facebook page. CMS has the team and equipment to ensure… we can deliver first-class live streams. We use a three-camera and audio mix plus and additional camera for the half-time cross to the commentary box for interviews and comments.

Our latest two streams saw some impressive live stats:

Melbourne United v Texas Longhorns Melbourne United v Wisconsin Badgers
Reach 109K

Live views 43K

Peak views >1k

USA 10.8%

Aus. 60.3% + others

Reach 88K

Live views 35K

Peak views >1k

USA 34.0%

Aus. 38.7% + others

CMS uses multiple platforms for live streaming; one of which is Facebook.

One of the great things about live streaming on Facebook is the instant feedback as viewers post their comments. The CMS team were thrilled to see so many posts coming through remarking on the great quality of the broadcast. Sometimes ‘quality’ is the hardest point to convey to would-be customers wanting to stream their events live on Facebook.

Last month CMS produced a media activation event with this historic NBL + NBA announcement on Sydney Harbour by NBL Executive Director, Larry Kestelman. Watch our footage here on the NBL website

Since its launch in April 2016, live streaming video on Facebook has grown in popularity. Facebook Live is particularly popular with millions of users live streaming around the world. However, for such a simple concept, Facebook Live has a lot of nuances that one needs to learn to get the most out of the platform.

It’s a fun and simple way for customers to use the power of video to communicate their brand stories and build authentic relationships with fans and followers – in real time.  As professional producers, we urge you to consider these points before trying to stream your next event:


capturing a video on your smart phone or tablet can be fun, but think about how it might look to your remote audience. Your device has a very narrow field of vision to capture video in comparison to professional video cameras with a multitude of lenses to capture depth of field, close ups, wide shots, and an audio feed that is captured through microphones, etc. So, whilst it can be fun, it might not turn out exactly as you planned based on lighting, sound, focus, movement… it should be visually engaging

Real time realities:

live streaming is just that ‘live.’ If you are running an awards night for instance, think about your new audience members watching on their device… it’s very different to being in the room at the event where you have ambience, voices and music, opportunity to chat to the person next to you, or bathroom breaks, during the times when there is no award being announced.  What would you do to fill these gaps? Remembering 5 minutes can feel like an eternity if nothing exciting is happening and you are streaming an empty stage or people eating and drinking – this is when remote audience members log-off, or worse, complain on your timeline!

You know what you’re doing but they may not:

when you first start the video, take a minute to introduce yourself and what the video’s about, keeping in mind that when you first start live streaming, you may have nobody watching. Even seconds in, you might only have a handful of audience. As people find your video on their News Feeds, they’ll join in – but that means you’ll want to reintroduce yourself a second, third, and even a fourth time to catch people up.

If you are thinking about Live streaming your next event, on any platform including Facebook, don’t hesitate to give us a call. It’s probably much cheaper and less complicated than you might think – why not get a quote or just pick our brains…