How video can say what mere words can’t

4 December 2017


They say a picture’s worth a thousand words – if that’s true, a video must be worth millions.

We should know – CMS Australasia is an all-in-one audiovisual production company that can create videos for your website or event. Because we do everything in-house, all you have to do is come to us with an idea, and our team can execute it. What’s your vision?

A medium without peer

It’s safe to say that video has become a powerful format – it’s the content form that people pay most attention to and consume most thoroughly without skimming, according to the marketing technology firm Hubspot.

Video’s also a medium that can communicate so much more than words. For instance, watch this commercial for the first Apple Macbook Air.

Remember, this was in 2008. Similar laptops of the time were thick and chunky, very unlike the sleek machines we have today. What might seem like old hat now was something of a revolution almost a decade ago.

The goal of the ad was simple – communicate to the audience that this is a very thin laptop. In a rational and utilitarian world, Apple could have simply said “this is the world’s thinnest notebook”, and be done with it. But our world is not like that. It works on emotion and ideas and metaphors; video more than anything can communicate through those channels. So although they finish the ad with text, by that point, it’s merely window dressing – the previous 25 seconds of video has communicated the idea fair better than those four words ever could.

Why is video good for events?

CMS can help you do the same with a video for your event – to promote it before-hand, to show during or to further its impact after. For showing at the event in particular, video is effective because it can set the tone for the things to come. A video that communicates professionalism, competence, humour – whatever it is you want to convey – can help your attendees understand the message and the vibe of an event by striking a strong visual first impression.

A video, for our money, is the obvious choice for bringing your event to the next level. It can’t be beat in its ability to communicate powerful ideas, emotions and messages that mightn’t translate well purely into words.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can produce engaging video content for your business, get in touch with the team at CMS Australasia today.