How to sell your business through event staging in 2019

20 December 2018


Your business brand should speak loud and proud to your target audience. Every aspect of your marketing, customer services and public events should be steeped in this message, offering loyal and potential customers alike compelling insight into what you’re all about.

This may seem simple to do in a business event – a flash promotional video and clever production management should do the job, right? These elements work, but the best go beyond to integrate organisational values into every facet of an occasion, including through event set up and staging. How can your business sell itself through staging in the 2019?

Communicating a business’ story

Enterprises are always telling stories – of their products, teams and brands. It’s what connects the public to any one organisation over another.

Take Apple as an example. They have a clear message of innovation. Every element of their public-facing business is geared towards serving this message, including their events. Notice their product demos are always held on similar stages, with the same modern, minimalist theme used. There is no confusion about what Apple are talking about – so the question is, how can you replicate that storytelling when managing your business events?

Communicating your brand to your audience is a core part of what business do day-to-day.Communicating your brand to your audience is a core part of what business do day-to-day.

What staging offers as a storytelling medium

Staging is more than a platform for speakers or a presentation – it’s an integral part of the story you’re telling. Colour and design, the way you use space and the onstage props are all crucial to communicating with your audience.

Delving into the three elements above, here’s how staging can help you sell your business:

Colour and design – a core part of a branding strategy is design consistency across mediums. Your staging should reflect this choice of palette, drawing clear associations between the event at hand and what your organisation stands for.

Use of space – the way a stage is set up says a lot about a business. A raised platform puts distance between the audience and speakers. While that’s good for a professional occasion, this may send the wrong message in an informal event. On the other side of the coin, a stage in the middle of the audience shouts inclusion and collaboration.

Onstage theming – Once you’ve assembled your stage area, the banners, furniture and other components you use need to speak cohesively with your business’ message. Each element should add another fine detail to a wider picture and set the mood for your audience before a word is said or a video begun.

Partnering with CMS Australasia

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