Close-up: Get to know your essential AV equipment

9 July 2019

When it comes to putting on a show-stopping event, it's crucial to use the right AV equipment. Here, we break down the different types of audio and video equipment you may choose to incorporate and how these pieces of technology can take your event to the next level. 

The right AV equipment takes your event from so-so to spectacular.The right AV equipment takes your event from so-so to spectacular.

Content projection equipment

Projectors and screens give the front row treatment to every guest – even those sitting in the back. Dynamic visual design gives your attendees something engaging to look at from anywhere in the room, and enables your speakers to augment their message with powerful imagery.

Three primary options are projection, LED screens and monitors. Projection is fantastic for a large audience, but can be susceptible to natural light – necessitating either a high-power bulb or another option. LED screens tend to deliver the highest quality image across the board, while monitors are perfect for more intimate settings. 

Consider the size of the space, the natural light levels and the content of your presentations – then you'll understand the best content projection equipment to use. If you want to take things to the next level, CMS Australasia also offers state-of-the-art 3D projection. 

Audio equipment

Voices need to be heard. If an event has sub-standard audio equipment, attendees won't just come away less than satisfied: they may not have taken in any of your presenters' words at all.

This comes down to two key elements: microphones and speakers. For microphones, you want dynamic equipment that will adapt to multiple speakers in a live environment. You must also take into account the acoustics of the venue, number of presenters at any one time and whether to use a wireless setup. 

Speakers must be well-suited to the venue, and placed in the right area to reach the entire audience. You'll also need a high quality sound desk to manage levels in a live setting. CMS Australasia specialises in this kind of setup, and can help you find the perfect audio equipment to deliver your message with clarity, and ensure the AV desk is handled professionally. 

MicrophoneMicrophones are an event staple, and are crucial to ensuring your message is heard loud and clear by all attendees.

Live streaming equipment

If you're live-streaming your event, you need a solid wireless connection to keep your broadcast going – as well as the appropriate AV equipment. When setting up a wireless connection for your event, you'll need to work out how much bandwidth is needed for yourself and your guests.

If you're offering wireless services as part of the conference, you'll need to allocate enough bandwidth not only for each guest, but the individual devices they may be using, including phones, tablets and laptops. It's always a good idea to invest in more bandwidth than you need to ensure that your live-stream won't crash, and that everyone at your conference stays connected.

You will also need to tailor microphones and recording equipment to live streaming – targeting multuple audiences with a single piece of equipment. It's a task that requires the utmost precision and understanding of equipment specs. 

SoundboardThe importance of a sound board shouldn't be underestimated – clear audio is key to keeping your audience interested in what you have to say.

Camera equipment

If you want to capture your event on video, you'll need the right camera equipment. It's best practice to have multiple cameras to capture your event from a range of positions and angles, providing a dynamic experience for those who view the footage. This serves multiple purposes: recording your event for later use or upload, live-streaming to a global audience, and presenting a live feed on monitors or LED screens in large venues. 

The right camera selection will depend on factors as wide-ranging as natural and stage lighting, to camera distance from the stage, all the way to colours used in presentations. To achieve this balancing act, it's a great idea to hire a professional media production team for your videography needs. Even if you use top of the line equipment, your efforts may be futile unless you have a team that knows how to use it. 

With expert technical skills in the world of audio and video productions, CMS Australasia are dedicated to creating show-stopping events that make a lasting impression on audiences both in and out of the venue. To find out how our services can transform your event, get in touch with our team for a proposal of our services.