Augmenting the reality of your next event with AR light projection

13 March 2018


Augmented reality (AR) – isn’t it just a buzz phrase? AR actually has much greater enterprise potential than many think. No longer simply a bulky gaming headset, augmented reality refers to any tool that alters what we experience.

In professional event production for example, AR can add a layer of colour and motion to viewers’ experiences. Light projection and special effects can dazzle and astound, raising energy levels from the get-go. This is used in sports events to take the experience beyond just the action on the field. It’s also used in product launches –  using AR light projection, you can demonstrate visually how your product works and leave a lasting impression on an audience.

The nuts and bolts of AR light projection

Augmented reality light projection uses camera technology linked to a computer that ‘maps’ images over real objects. The projector uses depth sensors to scan the environment, tailoring lighting effects to fit and recalibrating constantly to ensure images are mapped correctly. AR light projection creates a visual experience designed to engage and excite numerous people at once.

However, it is important to remember that while light mapping is about adding visual impact to your scene, your message still needs to be your most important concern. Content is always king – and the images, colour and motions you choose should all serve to better communicate your event to your audience.

How AR light mapping can deliver off the field

In a sports event, light projection is about setting a high-energy tone to start your event or to keep this momentum going during intervals or breaks in play. This is a vital part of pulling off a successful sports event – people may forget the details of the game within days, but the impression and atmosphere stay with them far longer.

Using AR light projections, you can also turn routine announcements and health and safety checks into an engaging part of your wider show. For example, if you need to make an announcement about parking, you can use a real map of your car park to make your point, engaging your audience while still communicating your core message.

How light projection can make your product launch more memorable

AR light mapping has huge potential to deliver more memorable product launches. As a communication medium, this technology can add a layer of intricate information on top of real objects, making it easier for customers to interact with your product. For example, at the launch of a new car marque, AR light projection can be used to map technical details such as horsepower and engine size over the vehicle body, giving customers a more complete picture of your product.

Another important ability of light projection is the potential for interaction. Ever heard of ‘try before you buy’? A Retail Dive Consumer survey found that more than 55 per cent of customers visit stores before online purchases, showing the power of presence in purchase. Using augmented reality at your product launch, for example, allows an audience to interact with an item while still seeing all the product information they need digitally.

Adding the next layer with CMS Australasia

Whether delivering visual impact to build the excitement of a sports event or to create a more memorable enterprise experience for your business’ customers, the power of augmented reality is immense. CMS Australasia has an expert team of event production and audiovisual management specialists who can help you determine what you need to best communicate your message. On top of staging and video production services, we offer a complete one-stop-shop for all event equipment and services.

For more information about professional event management assistance, look to us. We have a number of solutions under one roof that can help you deliver on a great event. Contact the CMS Australasia team today to request a proposal.