4 components needed for the best commercial Christmas event

14 December 2018


December is a month for toasting triumphs and reflecting on your business year. Whether a gala dinner bringing your enterprise network together, an awards ceremony to celebrate your year’s successes or a festive blow-out, all the best commercial Christmas events are similar. Check out what four components are integral parts of an amazing Yuletide show!

1) Dazzling lighting

From a simple Christmas party to an all-singing, all-dancing awards show, lighting plays a crucial part in communicating the mood of your event and delivering razzle-dazzle. It’s more than just festive red and green lighting, too – elements such as projection mapping and special effects can help communicate your event message more clearly while amazing attendees.

The CMS Australasia operations team are experts in lighting and technical production, with access to a warehouse full of leading event industry equipment. That means we have something to offer for every festive occasion.

2) Sound that speaks volumes

Sound is a crucial element of any special event, Christmas or no Christmas. Music sets the mood of your audience and helps get the blood racing. Meanwhile, clear sound during presentations is a simple necessity for your audience to understand and appreciate your event.

From the smallest meeting to the largest gala event, we have audiovisual equipment and speaker systems to suit all kinds of needs. We also have the expert team to operate all equipment during your evening, giving you one less event component to worry about.

3) Engaging video media

They say a picture speaks a thousand words – imagine how much an expertly produced video says? From highlight reels to client and employee testimonials about your business, videos can be used in a dozen ways to capture an audience’s attention. However, this media is only effective when it’s professionally produced and tells a compelling story.

The CMS Australasia team includes a number of video production experts who can shoot, edit and produce your video. We have worked with big-ticket clients from Coles to the National Basketball League to produce exhilarating content custom-made for their event.

4) Expert event management

The bow on the top of your event? More a crucial element in planning and executing an occasion that shows your business’ professionalism. From coordinating the use of multiple pieces of equipment needed to ensuring speeches, presentations and timelines are executed properly, event management is no easy matter.

Luckily, CMS Australasia has offered expert event management services to businesses across the Asia-Pacific region for nearly 30 years, helping to deliver all key objectives as needed. Our team takes your idea from design concept through production and into running the full onsite experience, ensuring every step is exactly as you intended.

For more information on how to deliver a Christmas event remembered long into the new year, contact the expert CMS Australasia team today to request a proposal!