Why professionals are needed for event design

5 December 2019

Are you planning a corporate or public event? You want everything to run smoothly from start to finish, creating a memorable event your guests will talk about for months afterward. Professional event design could be the key to creating an impactful audiovisual experience that syncs with your established style.

Event planning and event design are two separate things

Who you choose as an event planner can make or break your event. A company that solely focuses on vendors and timetables may end up missing the mark because they fail to appropriately handle the aesthetics side. Planning is about calendars and logistics. Design is about impact.

Event design goes beyond what colour scheme you choose. Your event is a production and should be treated like one. From the lighting and sound to unique visuals, a professional event services team can produce your entire event for an incredible attendee experience.

Advantages of hiring professionals to handle your event design

If you're considering a DIY approach, you may want to think again. The cost of doing everything yourself could actually be higher than hiring a professional, and deliver less than stellar results. Here is what a professional design production team brings to the table:

Creative talent to pull everything together
An event design professional looks at the big picture, then brings every component of your event into line for a look, feel and sound that fits your branding and your audience. Everything will flow together seamlessly, and your guests will enjoy an event that is tailored specifically for their enjoyment.

We stay on top of best practises and current trends to keep your event on the leading edge of technical functionality and guest experience. From business leadership events to new product launches, we can create and deploy world class designs geared to help you achieve your business goals.

Access to advanced technology
If your audiovisual presentation isn't on point, it brings down the feel of your entire event. An event design team that can provide high quality technological gear to produce your event takes everything to the next level. Typical AV gear required includes audio equipment, camera equipment, and projection equipment designed to produce your event for optimal results. Do you have the budget for a truly immersive experience? Then ask about projection mapping and how to add layers of augmented reality to your event.

Planning an outdoor event? Dealing with complex, natural venues is no problem for our professional design team. Curve structures can be employed to shelter AV equipment and stages, attracting attendees and focusing their attention exactly where you want it. No matter what or where your venue is, we customise your event's lighting, AV setup and staging to ensure that your attendees get the experience they deserve.

Technology is a critical aspect of event design.Technology is a critical aspect of event design.

Fresh theme and style ideas
Feel like every event you attended over the past year was stale? Our event design professionals use their creative skills to develop a custom event design that will leave attendees in awe. Whether your audience consists of C-suite professionals or young, hip consumers, we can tailor your event to order and carefully manage every stage of production.

Our process starts and ends with creativity. Our team is always looking for new ways to flex our grasp on technology and design, and each project is a challenge to outdo our former successes. Your business will stand out with an event that is memorable for its unique presentation and style.

Media development and presentation
The media accompanying your event should also be in line with your established brand and sync with your event theme. By hiring event design professionals to handle the entire process, you can deliver a cohesive experience. Motivational and inspirational videos can be conceptualised and produced for playback, delivering a consistent, high quality consumable product your guests will love.

Live footage of your event can also be captured and streamed in real time for global engagement. Your live stream can become its own stand-alone event, produced by our team and managed across social media platforms for maximum reach and impact. Every piece of media produced will be designed and executed in line with an eye to your business' core values, including live stream production.

Multi-event production
By choosing professionals for event design, you create a partnership that can yield long term benefits. For a quarterly, biannual or annual event, you can depend on your established relationship to keep on delivering unique creative approaches and fresh ideas to the table.

You won't have to deal with bringing an entire new team up to speed for each new event or venue. Using CMS event services means having an event design workforce on standby, ready to integrate quickly into your existing staff and handle production.

You're good at what you do. We're equally good in our own area of expertise. Relax and hand off your event design and production to the professionals. The result will be an event you can be proud of.

To help you plan your next successful event, get in touch with our team today.