Why is a customised AV service the way to go for your next event?

5 June 2018


With the amount of work that goes into designing and executing an event, regardless if it’s a gala dinner or a grand debate, you don’t want to be let down by a mediocre audio visual (AV) experience. Such is the potential of digital technology that you can customise video and sound displays to your event’s theme, giving the audience something they’ll never forget.

But before you get too excited, know that this is no easy feat. It’s difficult to find a company that not only stocks all the equipment you need to pull off your vision, but also has the design and operational skills to plan and execute the audio visual aspect of your event for you. CMS Australasia are the perfect partners to help you deliver, and here’s why, with our guidance, customised AV is the way to go.

Why use a custom AV service?

In a world increasingly oversaturated with the biggest and best of everything, you need more than a basic video presentation and backing soundtrack to get your audience interested. You need to deliver an audio visual experience that wouldn’t or cannot be replicated elsewhere.

To deliver a quality AV experience, start with one question: what are you trying to tell the audience with your event? A gala dinner needs to communicate luxury and elegance; a grand debate academic professionalism. Every event has a message at its core, and if you don’t consider yours when deciding on the audio visual display you want, your event won’t stand out in the minds of your viewers.

There is massive potential for delivering a truly unique audio visual display with modern AV equipment. There is massive potential for delivering a truly unique audio visual display with modern AV equipment.

Three tips for customising your AV display

There are a number of ways you can take your audio visual display outside the box:

  1. Coordinate your AV presentation with the theme of your function space. This means matching colour schemes and keeping your event’s vibe consistent.
  2. Introduce an interactive element – the best way to engage your viewers is to make them a part of proceedings if possible.
  3. Take the experience beyond the ordinary by making use of elements such as projection mapping and 3D video to grab your audience’s attention and keep it.

The AV equipment you’ll need

Got some ideas in mind? Good. Next, you’ll need to get the right equipment together. Some of the most common kit you’ll see includes:

  • A laptop computer.
  • Additional screens or a large monitor.
  • A quality microphone.
  • Speakers that will suit the acoustics of your event space.
  • A projector for presentations and video feeds.

This list just scratches the surface, however – if you want to pull off a truly memorable event, you may need a host of extras. And this, of course, also comes with the proviso that you can operate this equipment effectively yourself.

With a custom AV production service, you can be sure your ideas will be brought to life by experienced event-industry professionals.

How can CMS Australasia help me customise my event’s AV display?

We’re an Australian-owned and operated audio visual and production services business and have been since our start in the 1990s. In the last three decades we have delivered customised events for operators in numerous sectors, helping them from planning through to event execution in delivering their message in a unique and interesting way.

As the old phrase goes; if you have something to say, it’s worth saying right. For more information on the custom audio visual design services we offer, or for help executing your next event, please contact CMS Australasia today to request a proposal.