Who makes virtual events tick? Episode 1

2 July 2020


With the recent seismic shift into virtual and hybrid events, the CMS team think it’s a great time to take you on a tour behind the scenes to introduce you to the people in the roles that make these events happen. The roles on a virtual or hybrid event are a little different to those at a live event, so take a look at how we do it.


Episode One: THE DIRECTOR with Luke Oliver
Customer: NAB Broker
Date: June 2020
Location: StudioCMS, Melbourne


Luke is our Senior Director. He has been working in the live broadcast industry for over 20 years. His big directing break was back in 2001 on the 24-hour TV Reality Show BIG BROTHER. Since then, Luke has directed several more reality TV shows and live sporting events around the world. During these years he also worked for CMS on a casual basis as a Director, Editor, and Senior Camera Operator. We are fortunate that Luke joined the CMS team on a permanent basis early in 2019.

“… I pull it all together to make sure everyone has the information they need so we can do as clean a production as we can.” 


Directors work closely with other department heads such as producers, editors, writers/content makers, to refine and ultimately realise ideas into finished programs. Directors must have a clear creative vision of the project, and what materials are required to achieve it.

They interpret scripts, conduct thorough rehearsals and plan details such as shot framing, composition, camera movement, sound and lighting for every scene of the event.

The style of directing we use for virtual events is where the Director is calling the show. This entails telling camera operators where to go and what shots to provide, telling the sound operator which audio feeds to bring into the mx, calling pre-recorded shots to be played, calling in external streams, ensuring breaks and TVCs are played, cueing presenters and providing them with information and liaising with the Floor Manager to ensure that everything flows smoothly right down to the second.

Stay tuned for Episode Two: The Floor Manager.

Don’t let the technology scare you. Just make sure you have the right partners on board that you can trust to deliver your event to the level of professionalism you desire. Big or small, CMS does them all. So if you need some advice or assistance with your next virtual or hybrid event, give us a call.