Who makes virtual events tick? Episode 2

July 8, 2020


With the recent seismic shift into virtual and hybrid events, the CMS team think it’s a great time to take you on a tour behind the scenes to introduce you to the people in the roles that make these events happen. The roles on a virtual or hybrid event are a little different to those at a live event, so take a look at how we do it.


Episode Two: THE FLOOR MANAGER with Rod Spottiswood
Customer: PLAN Australia
Date: June 2020
Location: StudioCMS, Melbourne



Rod is the Senior Producer of our media production team, and the Senior Floor Manager on our virtual events. He came to CMS in 2014 after many years in Australian broadcast television on Fox Sport and Channel 9, behind the camera on shows such as, HEY, HEY, IT’S SATURDAY, THE FOOTY SHOW, various game shows, cricket and other sports.  His experience behind the camera and in the edit-suite gives him a breadth of production experience which he now uses to run a thriving team delivering videos for our varied customer base. Rod loves to work directly with customers helping them turn their ideas into engaging stories and quality video through his roles as producer and as floor manager on our live virtual events.


“…my role today is to be the interface between the studio floor and the director and control room.  I cue the presenters and make sure we’re running on time.” 



Floor Managers are the lynch pin between the Director and the studio. They work in the thick of it to ensure presenters and guests meet their cues and the program runs smoothly and to time. They must have full comprehension of the production plan to ensure they maintain control and prevent chaos on set.

The Floor Manager organises people and equipment, making sure that people taking part understand their roles and how it all fits in the bigger picture. They assist guests with camera craft and ensure that they are comfortable. They lead the team on the floor such as lighting, sound, vision control, auto cue, and make-up. They check that equipment is working properly, relevant props are ready, and relay messages from the Director.

Rod provides a calm and friendly presence on set, skills that CMS values highly. For our larger and more complex events, he and the Director work hand-in-glove to ensure nothing falls through the gaps. From pre-planning meetings through to OH&S, he is the one that controls what happens on set.  

Stay tuned for Episode Three: The Technical Systems Director.

Don’t let the technology scare you. Just make sure you have the right partners on board that you can trust to deliver your event to the level of professionalism you desire. Big or small, CMS does them all. So, if you need some advice or assistance with your next virtual or hybrid event, give us a call.