Using video online, in sales presentations, during seminars, and B2B

22 January 2020

Video can add a level of sophistication and dynamism to better showcase any business. It's also a unique way to deliver on the vision of your business or product. With the business world more cutthroat than ever a key differentiator like video can positively impact the bottom-line.

Introducing you!

It's easy to see what video can add to a business website – aside from adding to the design of a site it can also help your audiences connect with your brand. Seeing a product or service in real-time with a case study, a video presentation, or even interviews with satisfied customers can cut through the typical written testimonial or website copy.

Get those views!

Today's businesses are competing with so much of the digital world for clicks and views. Showing the benefits of your product, service or event with video can turn viral faster than you think. It's also a way for your customers and clients to help endorse your product or services with shares and likes.

Keep your audience up to date!

You're the best at what you do – use video to show that to your customers and potential future clients. A sales presentation video is a cost-effective way to keep your clients up on the products and services you offer as well as cementing your reach as a subject matter expert(s). Being able to start the day on one side of the country and end it on another all for the price of a video can be remarkably impactful.

B2B and back again!

Video can also be used as a value add to your B2B customers. Seminars on the latest trends or compliance can show what you can bring – not just as a product and service entity but as a business of thought leaders and subject matter experts. It also allows you to share your story with teams, clients and customers in a seminar setting that B2B customers can explore at their own pace wherever they are.

Video can be the silver bullet; it can showcase your products and services and can introduce your brand to the world. It also gives clients a chance to share and like your brand increasing your reach one view at a time. Finally, putting the medium of video to use when showcasing thought leadership for your field can help keep your brand on the map and even scale up your market share.

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