The key concepts of corporate event production

5 December 2019

When you're planning a corporate event, you want to make sure everything you do is right, down to the minutest of details. However, that's often easier said than done, even if you have plenty of experience.

With that in mind, if you're new to corporate event production and planning, the stakes are even greater. The following concepts should help you get a better handle on every step of the process so that your next event goes perfectly:

Know the attendees to know your space needs

A lot of the ideas that go into producing a corporate event will relate back to who's going to be there and why they're attending. Whether it's a small party for top-performing members of the sales team, a gathering to which all employees are invited or a reception for key clients, this simple fact alone will help you determine what kind of event space you need – and how long it's needed for. Don't forget to add time to your booking so that you and your production company have time to bump in, set up, and bump out afterwards.

That, in turn, allows you to find suitable venues in the area.

The size of your event changes many of your needs.The size of your event changes many of your needs.

Creating the concept and design

Perhaps the most important part of impressing guests at any corporate event is having an attractive, exciting layout for the space and suiting the lighting, staging and so on to your needs.

For instance, if this is a corporate holiday party where revelry will be the name of the game, your needs will be very different from if you are planning a networking mixer. The former might need dinner tables, a dance floor, stage for presentations, dynamic lighting and a sound system. Meanwhile, the latter requires plenty of open space, seating, and possibly a small public address system.

Contractual obligations

It is unlikely that the company for which you are producing this event will have the many people needed to run the various services vital to its success. As such, you will have to outsource many aspects of the event to third parties, like caterers, entertainment, keynote speakers, the DJ, media production specialists and so on. While it may be tempting to come to these agreements on a handshake basis, it's usually a better idea to get the quotes and terms and conditions in writing so that there is no confusion or misunderstandings about everyone's obligations.

Get your third-party agreements in writing.Get your third-party agreements in writing.

Will there be VIPs?

There are some attendees who will require special attention. For instance, if you have booked a high-profile speaker, they may require valet parking, a green room, or dressing room for themselves or other considerations that will give them a calm and smooth experience so they deliver your requirements as planned.

Figuring out the cost

All events come with a price tag, and corporate events rarely come with a blank-cheque budget. You will almost certainly have to consider all of the above with the understanding that you can only spend a specific amount of money. From locking down the venue and understanding all of their charges, food and beverage costs, to paying for entertainment, as a planner, there are a lot of considerations that will affect your bottom line.

Who can help you?

It's rare that you can tackle corporate event planning and production alone, and if you have a trusted partner or team at your side, you will be in a much better position to see the whole thing go off without a hitch. However, that kind of teamwork is only possible if you are clear about which tasks are being delegated and what's expected of everyone, but with a thorough plan and collaboration, there shouldn't be any hiccups.

You should always keep in mind that hiring professionals you can trust to handle the finer details, allows you more space to oversee the entire production.

Catering at an eventHire the right help.

Promoting the event

Depending upon who is supposed to attend, you may need to leave room in your budget for promotion. Think about which channels you can use for this such as social media, eDMs, or snail mail.

Be on the lookout

Even the best-prepared events sometimes have unavoidable issues that arise unexpectedly or at the last minute. In these cases, you should also have a clear plan for how any given problem will be handled, laid out in your risk plan. That way, there is no need to go into crisis mode, and you can calmly handle any curveballs.

Prepare for any eventuality.Prepare for any eventuality.

With these basics in mind, you are already on a path to success when it comes to corporate event production. By partnering with the seasoned professionals at CMS Australasia, you'll be in an even better position to wow attendees. Give us a call today to learn more.