Rise and shine – making breakfast events core to your business

30 January 2019


The morning isn’t usually the most productive time of the day. Everyone is bleary-eyed, stressed from the commute and dreading their email inbox – so why not transform this unpleasant experience with good coffee, fresh pastries and the opportunity to network?

Hosting a business event before the working day begins is a great way for people to shake off the cobwebs and engage with your topic.

Why host a business breakfast event?

Timekeeping and timeliness are important for running a successful event. Employees, clients and corporate partners can be stigmatised by networking sessions and seminars that don’t meet these expectations. For example, a business event in the middle of work hours can be disruptive if not relevant to everyone present. Similarly, networking or seminars held after hours can be viewed as eating into an individual’s family or social life.

Enterprise breakfasts balance these concerns – an event at the start of the day minimises the effect on personal time without compromising productivity. In line with this, morning events are suitable as they have clear timelines to follow. This ensures your event stays on track.

Another key reason business breakfasts work so well for networking and seminars is their informality. The confines of a formal event can reduce people’s desire to be sociable, or slash their attention span. Great food and drink, a well organised event setup and a clear purpose in a relaxed atmosphere is perfect for getting people chatting and mingling.

Five tips to hosting an amazing breakfast session

1) Serve the right food

It’s in the name – your breakfast event won’t go far if your food and drink isn’t up to scratch. Ensure you have a range of options to suit all tastes and dietary requirements, and source fresh, local food where possible. Attendees will appreciate a variety of choices, and will notice if you skimp on quality!

2) Aim for a positive, high-energy atmosphere

Energy levels are low before the first coffee of the day, so ensure your event communicates a friendly, social atmosphere from the get-go. An energetic master of ceremonies will get attendees interested, while setting up your event space is key to encouraging engagement.

3) Create networking opportunities

No matter event, make sure you allow for time at the beginning and end for attendees to socialise with one another. Before your event this helps build enthusiasm for what’s to come, and after it gives attendees the chance to talk over what the purpose of your breakfast is.

Business breakfast.Business breakfasts are a good place to network informally.

4) Prepare people in advance

A breakfast event is the start point of a busy day – people want to know before they walk through the door what to expect. Let your audience know what, if anything, they should bring with them and build excitement for the event with marketing on your business’ social media or newsletter.

5) Offer clear and valuable takeaways

Your attendees aren’t just there for the free juice – guests want to come away with something valuable. For example, if your event is raising awareness for a cause, everyone should know how and why they should help. Offering additional materials, such as a pamphlet, can help solidify this message in the minds of everyone in attendance.

Where CMS Australasia come in

Our expert team are buzzing to get down to the details, no matter what time of morning. We have managed events for clients across a range of industries, bringing a creative energy and anything-is-possible attitude to every project. Your event needs to express what your business is and communicate a clear message. With your vision and our expertise, ideas don’t have to remain in your head.

For more information on how we can plan and manage your kick-ass breakfast, contact CMS Australasia for a proposal.