Remote conferencing using digital broadcasting

21 May 2017

Have you considered Digital Broadcasting as an alternative?

The CMS team have been researching best practice in developing digital broadcasting that is helpful for our customers with a wide geographical spread of stakeholders.

For the past five years we have been continually developing a digital program that is helpful for customers with a geographical spread of stakeholders and/or those wanting to get their message out at one time to all stakeholders.

It got us thinking that we may have other customers in organisations who have teams out in the field that could benefit from this type of communication.

Our valued customer, PLAN Australia, came to us with their situation and asked if we could assist them;

  • How can we get meaningful information out to all of our Financial Brokers (1,400 members) who are geographically dispersed across the country – at one time?
  • We want to use this event as a professional development opportunity
  • We want it for a reasonable cost compared to flying them all to one location…

The CMS team created a solution in the form of a digital TV program using live streaming media.  Whilst this type of streaming is no longer considered ‘new’ in the marketplace, our tailored approach is the thing our customers find most valuable.

Together with the PLAN team, we pulled together panels of speakers addressing pertinent issues, new initiatives, and specialist Q&As.  These sessions all happened live from a studio in Melbourne. They ran across one day, with the audience logging in for the whole day or for specific sessions and able to claim their CPD points for the sessions they attended. We pulled in a TV host to keep continuity across the day, and enabled two-way communications between presenters and the remote audience.

It has been a great success and received wonderful responses from the PLAN management team and their Brokers across the country.  Please have a peek at our behind-the-scenes videos…

PLAN Live streamed event 2015 Behind the Scenes video  
PLAN Live streamed event 2016 Behind the Scenes video  

We have just completed their fifth digital event of this nature.

If this type of business communication service interests you, please give the CMS office a call on 1300 559 379