Projection mapping at Suncorp Supernetball Grand Final

21 June 2017
An Australian netball first; projection mapping at the Suncorp Super Netball 2017 Grand Final

The CMS team were absolutely thrilled to create part of the Suncorp Super Netball Grand Final on-court entertainment at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on Saturday 17 June 2017.

Check out the video… 

The CMS team worked on a digital activation for our valued customer. We mapped the whole netball court from afar. In what was a first in Australian netball, we lit the court up with enough lumens to give the Sunshine Coast Lightning team a run for their money.

Our customer came to us in May with a triple challenge.
  1. Can you do an activation projection mapping on a netball court?
  2. We don’t know the venue yet and we won’t until the week before the event on 17 June… can you do it?
  3. Can you work with the sporting bodies involved in running the event to ensure this works for us?

We got together and talked it through to see if we could help these guys out. We’ve done all of this before – how hard can it be?  It was a resounding YES, YES, YES from us!

We cracked on with storyboards, designs, vignettes, measurements of netball courts, projection angles *who knew trigonometry actually comes in handy*, equipment lists, our smartest crew and cleverest producer, packed up our gear and suppliers, took the QBW holiday, and bumped it all into the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on 16 June.

Our customer was very happy.