Is using in-house event providers actually feasible?

9 July 2018


If your organisation regularly hosts events, you’ll have given serious thought to the ongoing costs and the best way of minimising them without compromising on quality production. When it comes to planning an event, there are usually three options available:

  1. You can seek the assistance of event production experts as and when you need it, from the planning phase through to executing the event and everything in between.
  2. If you are hosting the event in a hotel or conference venue, you can often employ the services of their in-house providers.
  3. Lastly, if you think it’ll be a sound investment in the future, you could recruit your own team of event experts and audio-visual technicians.

While each option has pros and cons, business managers often think the latter two are more convenient and could save them in the long-run. However, if you carefully consider the factors, you’ll see that the lack of personalised commitment to your event and the time-cost of using in-house event production providers means they’re not often feasible.

Many businesses think that only a ballroom or exhibition space can do their event justice. Many businesses think that only a ballroom or exhibition space can do their event justice.

Venue in-house providers

If you’re hosting a premier event for a large number of people, you may look to local exhibition centres or hotels for the space to do so. These types of venues cater specifically to businesses looking to pull off a major event, and as such often offer in-house production teams and audio-visual technicians to help you set up and manage your event.

While this may seem convenient, the fact remains that these experts are employees of the venue, and as such aren’t committed to your occasion exclusively. Because there is no investment, in-house teams will be unlikely to go the extra mile to help make your event truly unforgettable. Even worse, they may confuse your event with another recently hosted onsite.

Another flaw of in-house providers is time poverty. While you may be fully committed to your event, in-house teams could need to fulfill other venue duties while looking after proceedings. This makes them unreliable should you have an urgent problem that needs to be addressed.

Lastly, the main issue with in-house providers is the difference in working schedules. Say you need production and equipment assistance before your event. You’re three hours into preparations – and suddenly your entire production team walks out because it’s the end of their shift. What do you do?

That’s why you need to have reliable workers who are focused on delivering for your event, not watching the clock until it’s time to leave.

We have access to a warehouse full of specialist camera, lighting and sound equipment most businesses wouldn't invest in.We have access to a full-range of specialist camera, lighting and sound equipment most businesses wouldn’t invest in.

Setting up your own team

Maybe you want to set up your own event production team instead? I mean, you host events all the time, so how hard can it be?

Easy to say, harder to do. While a lot of businesses consider this an option, ultimately the costs are the same as any recruitment drive – sourcing candidates, interviewing and training are not expenses to be taken lightly. Combine this outlay with the cost of salaries, superannuation and other employee remuneration, and you see this is now an expensive process. And this is before you even begin to think about the cost of purchasing the specialist camera, lighting and sound event equipment you need.

Turn to event production experts

Using event production experts such as CMS Australasia isn’t just about saving on costs or sourcing the most experienced professionals possible – it’s also about believing your production team are committed to delivering the best for your event, whatever that may look like.

From the outset, we can work with your business to wrangle your event ideas and turn them into a cohesive plan. From choosing equipment to planning an agenda, we have all the expertise required to ensure your event is built on solid foundations. We can also customise the staging, light and sound, showcasing what your organisation has to offer and proving no two events have to look the same.

We are an all-in-one provider that can design, execute and pack up your event, always ensuring you’re in the best possible hands. For more of an idea on what we can do, reach out to the CMS Australasia team today to request a proposal.