In a crisis – speed matters

7 April 2020
Your business needs agile communications responses that are structured and deployed rapidly using the right technology and tools

During these unprecedented times under the veil of COVID-19 we have adapted quickly to meet the needs of our customers. Whilst we are nowhere near business as usual, we have reorganised our talented team to focus on our live streaming and media production services. We have built studio spaces designed specifically for physical distancing and safe delivery of your communications. We understand that in a crisis, speed matters.


Don’t cancel. Don’t postpone. Let us help you adapt. The coming months will be challenging for everyone, please rest assured we’ll do our utmost to continue to provide a way for you to communicate to your teams, stakeholders and clients.


We have been offering Live Streaming services to our customers for many years – since the 90’s in fact.

What we offer

We have the in-house infrastructure, secure server, full redundancies, robust systems, and all of the audio and visual equipment that we need in our Melbourne and Brisbane locations.

Recent studio look for FAST group

The CMS team are positioned to continue providing critical services to our customers via high-quality Live Streaming and On-Demand content. We can assist you with planning, theming and set design, and the virtual delivery of your event.

We can deliver

StudioCMS – Melbourne

StudioCMSQ – Brisbane

  • 96m2
  • Drive-in option
  • Private bathroom
  • Green Room
  • Technicians work from fully isolated control room, sitting 2m apart
  • Camera operators 6m from presenters and 4m apart
  • All equipment is sanitised pre and post event
  • 16m2
  • Maximum of two technicians in-studio, 2m apart and 3m from presenter
  • Private bathroom
  • Green Room
  • All equipment is sanitised pre and post event

To learn more about the benefits and opportunities of live streaming your next event, contact the experts at CMS Australasia for more information.