How a great audio visual display can boost your product launch

5 December 2019

The market is flooded with products. From melon ballers to travel sized-personal hygiene kits, consumers now have easy access to goods which suit their each and every need. In this saturated marketplace, it's difficult to create a buzz about a new product that will appeal to your loyal customers and encourage new purchasers, no matter how useful it is.

Because of this, your product launch event needs to be better and more memorable than ever in order to stand out in the mind of suppliers, customers and the media. Steve Jobs set a marker for Apple product launches in the 2000s – you can go above and beyond these memorable occasions with modern audio visual (AV) equipment.

What does AV equipment encompass?

AV technology incorporates all equipment with a sound and visual component. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Projectors
  • Cameras and monitors
  • Microphones speakers
  • Lecterns
  • Recording devices
  • LED display screens
  • Staging 

This equipment is connected by an ecosystem of computers, control desks, cables, and even mobile devices which control information input and output.

The benefits of exciting AV event displays

Every event has an element of AV connected to it. But this equipment isn't just vital for attendees to hear guest speakers and see visual presentations – the right AV strategy can make your function memorable and communicate your theme or message in far more than words.

Part of Steve Jobs' great success in launching Apple's iPod, iPhone and other products was his use of audio-visual displays. Mood lighting helped to  set an undertone of excitement building to a product announcement. Then, rather than launching into a lengthy speech detailing a product's features and functionality, Jobs used projected images to SHOW how Apple technology benefited buyers practically. Viewers were immersed in every detail of the product, enabling them to retain more information and build interest. This strategy helped build Apple's high product sales.

An AV strategy focused on selling the practical uses and positives of a product also helps event attendees to better understand how they will benefit from buying your goods. Images or animations coupled with a sound and light display are far better for setting a mood and eliciting emotion than a one-off practical demonstration or speech. Using AV equipment, you can also video record for repurposing your content later, or webcast your event to online viewers to further your reach. 

The first iPod changed how we listen to music. The first iPad sold 300,000 units on launch day. The iPhone 3G sold over a million in its first weekend. Thanks to effective AV technology.

What equipment do I need for my product launch?

The technology used for your launch will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The type of product you are launching
  • The expected audience, both in-person and online
  • Your venue and event management team
  • The theme and message of your product launch
  • Your access to specialist technical expertise and equipment

Access to this equipment can be tricky, and knowing what to do can be complicated if you don't manage many product launches – luckily event specialists like CMS Australasia can put you in contact with a warehouse full of AV technology and all of the experienced advice and technical expertise you need to pull off an amazing occasion.

Three tips for getting the best out of your AV display

Setting up and executing an AV display that will wow your audience is easier with these three tips:

1) Choose a consistent theme

You may have the best product in the world – but if attendees can't pick up on a general message, they will not be able to fully appreciate all of the benefits of your product. Most events won't allow your attendees to purchase goods then and there – so guests need to walk away from the function with a clear value proposition for why they should buy from you down the track.

AV equipment can help you display brand themes, tie in product details in engaging ways (such as through projector displays) and offer a more immersive approach to an event.

2) Be strategic with your timing and venue

Your product launch should obviously pre-empt the general sale of your product – but coordinating the occasion in line with company anniversaries or a holiday can also boost sales. Picking the right time of the year for your event can make the difference between success and failure!

Similarly, your venue needs to suit the theme of your product launch, as well as be a suitable size for your guests. Designing your stage around how you will use your AV technology is also an important consideration.

3) Plan a post-launch follow up

No matter how exciting your event, after a few days the hype around your product will start to fade. Offer an 'event wrap' mail out, or connect with people using a professionally produced video showing the highlights of the event. Getting the message about your product launch in the few days after can increase sales from attendees who didn't purchase at the event or customers unable to attend.

For more information about planning an exciting event, contact CMS Australasia today.