Have you seen these cool microphones?

21 July 2017

How are we going to manage the mics for the Q&A session?  Does this sound familiar? Well, we’ve been trialling a microphone that is fairly new on the market that not only takes the awkwardness of running between tables, seats, and people, out of the equation; but adds some fun as well!

CMS have been using the Catch®Box, soft, throwable microphones at some of our recent events. We purchased some of these to give them a good old-fashioned road test.

Our findings are:

  • Branding: we love that these little guys can be branded (and re-branded) with your own logo or event branding. Why not use them as a sponsorship opportunity at an event?
  • Integration: we found them easy to integrate with our existing professional audio set up
  • Throwable: this turns out to be the fun part. People get a real kick out of it. We believe that there is higher engagement in terms of questions when we are using these little fellas. Why not use them to get more people involved in your next group meeting?
  • Droppable: yes completely. Even your most dexterity-challenged people can use these. You don’t have to be able to take a specie, it’s okay if you drop this box, it’s completely padded and is clever enough not to make lots of scratchy noises when you do
  • Recordable: you bet they are if they are going through a sound desk. So, if you need the Q&A on record, you’ve got it
  • Up-side: all of the above
  • Down-side: none so far…

They won’t be for everyone; but they are a great little product if you have something less formal than say, an AGM…

If you would like to try these at your next event, let us know when you are making your booking.