Do you have an awards ceremony to organise?

20 August 2017

We LOVE awards ceremonies!

Who doesn’t love working on an Awards night? Of the myriad of events on our calendars each year – it’s the awards dinners that really make us smile. They are positive events and are filled with excited and happy people.

The CMS team really enjoy producing awards events and helping our customers to get a little more out of less.

One of our dearest customers, produce several awards events each year across the education, health and community sectors. Their awards program is a benevolent one that assists the winners in furthering their education in their field, or allows them to put winning funds into programs to assist the sick, aged, or less fortunate in our communities.

In the lead up to these events, our team work closely with their team to ensure the night runs like clockwork.  Whilst costs are always kept to a minimum, we continue to come up with small improvements to ensure they are getting the best bang for their budget.

  1. One of the services we have provided over the course of our time together is motion graphics. This has really assisted in putting movement on screen and makes for a more engaging look for the audience, as well as adding ambience to the room. We have pulled elements from their style guide and created some layered and textured work that really helps to tell their story and add depth to what is on screen
  2. Our in-house production team also create a simple yet stylised photo montage with a voice-over, for one of the categories.  This provides variety to the delivery on the night and breaks up the repetitiveness between award categories and give the MC a little respite

These two simple additions have made a significant difference to the awards events. And have provided some extra creative style to ensure the events continue to meet the nobleness of their purpose.

Another of our valued customers runs a large annual awards ceremony with a different ‘look and feel’ each year. They have an audience of around 700pax of industry professionals and have a fairly long list of awards to grant to their nominees on the night.

The trick here is keeping the night flowing so as not to lose the interest of the audience.

  1. Over time, CMS have been able to add value to their ‘look and feel’ through working on creating custom staging pieces and smart projection techniques to make the stage come alive.  These elements are also wonderful to use when the entertainer is on stage because we can create a totally new look for them
  2. Our in-house video production team also creates stylised and themed video stings by category and for walk-ons and offs, which add a little detail that has a more subliminal impact on the audience, letting them know that things are progressing

Again, these two elements have made a difference to the way the event flows and have given it more depth of field. This in turn makes it feel more professional – like something you would see on TV.  Of course, our video production team are on hand to ensure we have broadcast quality footage on screen which also helps.

If you are having an awards night soon, or need advice on your upcoming events, don’t hesitate to call us. We have been doing awards nights for many years and have a bag of tricks that can help even the most seasoned event organiser.