Adapting your events in response to this current situation with COVID-19

18 March 2020


Given the current status of COVID-19, most organisations are proceeding with caution and postponing or cancelling their live events. And rightly so. Based on the information provided by government and health authorities, and what we have all witnessed around the globe, we have no choice.

There are other ways to communicate with your teams and stakeholders. You may not need to cancel your upcoming events but rather adapt the style of event you are planning. All without mass gatherings.

Have you considered Live Streaming your event?

LIVE STREAMING aka WEBCASTING aka VIRTUAL EVENTS involves video and/or audio coverage of a live event that is transmitted over the internet. The event can be broadcast live, and/or can be recorded and pushed out on-demand. These events can be produced with a live audience or without.

We have experience broadcasting these event types
  • Conference speakers and concurrent sessions
  • Expert panels and Q&A sessions
  • Annual General Meetings and other Shareholder meetings
  • Educational and online teaching
  • Leader and Keynote addresses
  • Awards nights
  • Topical Podcasts and Vodcasts
Ways to broadcast live (combinations of any or all)
  • Online social channels such as Facebook live
  • Online video streaming services such as YouTube
  • Business intranets
  • Using your brand as a custom-made web interface *
  • Provide streaming over a secure (CMS-owned / Australian-based) server *
  • Satellite Outside Broadcast *

*   Talk to our expert team about these options

Live streaming-behind the scenes for the NBL

What can the CMS team do right now for your business?

The CMS team can create a tailor-made a solution to meet your requirements and provide your remote audience with a clear online experience. 

  • When we stream your event; we can ‘stream in’ presenters from anywhere in the world, we can simultaneously broadcast to your social media channels, conduct Q&A interaction with your audience, and record the event for use down the track for distribution or future planning
  • We can set up a broadcast event with a custom branded web landing page and registration system so you can track and restrict who attends the event and have full records and detailed analytics available afterwards for your records and follow up
  • We provide multiple points of internet backup as part of our standard practice, should one point of delivery fail, it will be supported by another to ensure an uninterrupted experience for the audience
  • Our equipment utilises multiple connections to allow you to stream from anywhere there is a 3G/4G phone signal should you want to deliver your message to or from remote areas

The CMS Streaming Services Team is currently ready for anything. We can create stream from a small podcast to a large branded studio for your broadcast, right here at our premises or in your own venue. We have all of our own state-of-the-art broadcast equipment ready to go in our warehouse!

CMS Australasia Streaming Services image
CMS has been streaming events since the 1990’s

If you are looking for expert help in creating visual content for your stream, CMS Australasia offers services in these areas. Learn more about our video production and graphic design services and how they can help take your business to the next level.