6 new trends in event lighting to make your stage sparkle

4 September 2019

When you're hosting a big event, you need to make sure every aspect of the presentation is as strong as possible. That certainly includes having a well-lit stage.

There is, however, a difference between making sure your stage has the proper lighting, and wowing your guests with an innovative, exciting event lighting setup. Putting in that extra work to go above and beyond expectations will make your event more memorable and impactful for all in attendance.

When you're planning your next event, consider the following new trends that make your stage presentation go from impressive to incredible:

1) Coordinated lighting

Whether you're setting up corporate functions, awards events, weddings or concerts, professional lighting is a must. Intelligent lighting technology is becoming increasingly common because of how dynamic and dazzling the visuals it helps create can be, so putting it to use for your event is one of a number of creative lighting solutions at your disposal.

2) Making a stage out of nothing

Suppose you're hosting an event in a space that doesn't have a traditional stage, but you want to create an area of the floor that serves the same purpose. Lighting can solve that problem quite easily. Also known as "stage wash," this effect is created by setting up light rigs in such a way that they create an even area of bright illumination on the floor. When done properly by professional lighting experts, your guests will understand intrinsically that this is the de facto stage area, even if it's not raised or otherwise set apart from the rest of the space.

Combining this option with other high-end event services will have an even greater effect when it comes to impressing all attendees.

4) Gobo lighting

You have doubtless seen this type of event lighting in a number of places, even if you don't know it by name. A "gobo" is a stencil you put in front of a lamp to project a still image onto any surface, such as a wall, floor or ceiling. You could, for instance, create a gobo of your corporate logo, a band's name or geometric shapes to create a great backdrop to your stage or any other part of your event space.

Working with lighting production experts to see what's feasible for your event will help you nail down the right solutions for you.

5) Illuminating the backdrop – from behind

Not every event lighting trend that's growing in popularity has to do with the latest technology.

While brightly lighting the curtain at the back of the stage is hardly a new idea, most of the time that's done with lights in front of it. However, for a new twist on an old favourite, you might want to try lighting the backdrop with lights positioned behind it instead. If that curtain is appropriately sheer and there's nothing else going on behind that curtain, it can create a rather attractive effect.

Combining this kind of backlighting idea with some of the other options listed here could help you find even more exciting ideas that take your event up a notch.

6) Dynamic LED features

LEDs have become widely used in professional lighting production for a number of reasons, not least of which is that they are smaller and more versatile than traditional bulbs. As a consequence, event lighting that uses LEDs to create easily moveable beams, spotlights and other effects will go a long way toward ensuring a fun experience for guests.

These, too, can be programmed by experienced lighting professionals to follow various cues, change colours, move in patterns and more. When any or all of these features are coordinated, the effect can be stunning.

Of course, the above are just a few of the creative lighting options available to you when you're planning your next big event. To make sure your stage looks its best, contact the experts at CMS Australasia today for more information about taking your upcoming event to the next level. Collaborating to find some of the most exciting effects available – at a scale that works for you – is what we do best.