5 tips to take your Roadshow to the rescue

27 September 2017
Roadshows are a highly effective tool that organisations can use in their growth strategy. They are the zenith of field events.

If your Roadshow is well planned and organised; it is a fast and flexible way of delivering your strategic goals to your whole organisation, to generate new business, demonstrate new products, network, bring groups together for thought leadership, capture new leads… the list goes on.

CMS Australasia are Roadshow experts with over 125 major national tours under our belts (some of the largest in Australia). We also have the professional team and inventory to produce them.

Here are 5 tips for you to ensure you plan a successful Roadshow.

  1. Set clear objectives and expectations

    The only real point of organising a Roadshow is if it aligns with your business objectives. Have the end result in mind and set realistic expectations. Roadshows are fantastic if you have a geographically spread team that needs to hear from your leadership team, or you want to do a marketing drive, if you are required to talk to the financial marketplace, need to engage with various media outlets, want to deliver an educational tour, etc. Roadshows are not the answer to every business event requirement. Consult with an experienced event production company if you are not sure how your organisation can benefit

  1. Choose your timing wisely

    Avoid roadblocks on your Roadshow by making yourself aware of other events happening around the time of your event. If you choose to do your Roadshow in the same city at the same time the Commonwealth Games are being held, you will have limited choices and many costs will be inflated due to demand. Also consider the weather at the time of your event in your chosen destination. Not to mention allowing enough time between cities to ensure you are ready for the next event to begin!

  1. Carefully select locations and venues

    This all depends on your audiences.  Select cities that are central and accessible to your target audience, then select Roadshow venues that; provide the right environment for your event, provide enough space, meet your organisations budgetary expectations, and so on. Ensure you are central to ground transport, accommodation options, and parking to give your audience easy accessibility. If you are unfamiliar with the city or unsure of the types of venues that might work for your organisation, ensure you ask those who have experience in this field

  1. Be creative and engaging

    Today’s audiences are smart and demanding, so you have limited time to capture their attention and engage them. Making your Roadshow creative, experiential, and fun, will get you better results. Think about combining other annual events such as award ceremonies, educational sessions, or networking into your agenda to give your Roadshow more depth and appeal. There is nothing like ticking multiple boxes by combining into one event what would normally be spread across months or more. This is also an opportunity to amalgamate (and potentially save) event costs across the year

  1. Sponsorship and promotional opportunities

    Roadshows are an opportunity to generate awareness about your brand as well as promote your sponsors and partners, and potentially provides other brands the chance to get involved. You may do this through creating an exhibition feature, activations, launches, local targeted tours, or offering sponsored sessions during the Roadshow. Don’t forget to promote your event well in advance to ensure you fill seats. Get your event out on social media and leverage every channel you can. Teaser videos work really well for this

In brief:

  • if you can accomplish clarity of objectives,
  • plan meticulously,
  • make your Roadshow fun, interactive, inspirational, and memorable,

we promise your audience will return year after year.

CMS Australasia have many years’ experience in producing Roadshows for our customers. Our team works alongside your team to deliver the best results and advise on all aspects of planning and logistics through to AV, video and content production, and theming.  If you are looking at doing a Roadshow of any size, across any geography – why not give us a call to see if we can assist you.