3 ways you can save with one-stop-shop event management

25 October 2018


Those hosting an event may not be aware of the complexities involved in bringing together the elements needed for a memorable occasion. From planning the equipment required to packing away the stage, many factors need to come together to deliver a successful event. So why make it harder by partnering with numerous businesses to make your event happen?

Too many event partners means time and money wasted.

Working with multiple equipment suppliers and service providers is ultimately more costly than it’s worth. The phrase ‘too many cooks spoils the broth’ sums it up – several event partners is more time and cost intensive. It can also contribute to confusion thanks to the patchwork of different ideas and opinions for what suits your event.

That’s why all-in-one event management is the best option. Businesses can save with one-stop-shop event equipment management in three ways.

1) Cost

Working with multiple providers means processing multiple invoices. Additionally, working with more than one event company means these payments can all come at separate times and with different terms. This can majorly compromise short-term cash flow.

Partnering with a sole provider means there are no hidden fees down the track and also reduces the cost of sourcing an expert provider to begin with. Less time and effort spent planning and implementing your event will pay itself back once the event wraps.

Using a single event management provider is more cost-effective.Using a single event management provider is more cost-effective.

2) Time

Shopping around for the best deal possible is part of good business acumen – but choosing to work with several event services companies represents a major time drain. The hours spent dealing with numerous client contacts for each individual event element can undoubtedly be put to better use in planning your event more thoroughly.

On top of this, the more event providers you work with the more difficult it will be to coordinate each element once your event begins. It’s simple laws of probability- you’re less likely to get a larger group of people onto one event schedule than a single expert team. Working with an all-in-one company means you can be certain that you’ll get total devotion to your event, from the planning stages through to running the event.

Working with multiple providers means trying to navigate multiple production schedules. Working with multiple providers means trying to navigate multiple production schedules.

3) Event Execution

Arguably the single biggest cost of working with a number of event service providers rather than a single partner is the potential for executing an unclear event. Any business working in the event industry considers itself to be an expert in what design element or what audio-visual equipment would work best for a given event. If you try to cohese differing ideas into a sole event, there is potential for this to backfire and for each event element to clash.

For example, working with an audio-visual company to design a presentation and then using another business to design your stage can introduce a number of elements that may clash. Both businesses may have different thoughts on your brief, which can lead to design features that don’t work well together. This can ultimately lead to your event falling short of the mark. Bringing your ideas to life through a single provider means everything will work together on brief and in line with your objectives when your event comes to life.

Working with CMS Australasia

Partnering with a one-stop-shop event provider may seem like putting your eggs in one basket. But CMS Australasia’s extensive experience around the Asia-Pacific in planning and executing all kinds of events means it’s about the safest possible bet.

Our team is comprised of experts in audio-visual management, staging and event production, meaning we have the skill set needed to tackle whatever your event needs. We also have a warehouse of the latest camera and lighting equipment, meaning you need look nowhere else for a totally original and memorable occasion. For more information, contact CMS Australasia today for a proposal.