Our expertise in planning, design, and development ensures your production is a success.

The CMS Australasia Workflow Map depicts our five phases and shows what sort of documents we create for our clients to review.

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The project definition phase is often the MOST IMPORTANT phase of ANY development project.

This phase of the process includes meetings with the clients’ team to clearly define the project goals. The approach is from a business, creative and technical perspective. This includes identifying the needs and constraints (eg: accommodating venue capabilities), overall marketing objectives, as well as anticipated performance, bandwidth and security issues (if digital services are employed). The deliverable from this phase is a functional specification or “blueprint” that is the summary of all meetings and analysis.

Once the Project Specification and the Development Plan are complete, the Concept and Design phase begins. During this phase, we develop a visual translation of the brief by creating detailed storyboards and 3D concept drawings. These allow for low cost visualisation of the event design and audience experience.

Once a storyboard is approved, and we have a good idea of venue layout, set and stage design, we can produce the look and feel (rough cut) for focus group feedback.

In the development phase, we are working to translate all of the project concepts (from Concept and Design phase) into fully formed elements. This includes production of all of the art assets from the approved look and feel; commissioning any external resources and construction of the structural elements. All content is integrated and checked to ensure that all client branding elements are treated with consistency.
All production elements are tested throughout the creative process. Once tested and approved internally and by the commissioning client, it is made available for pre-show viewing by the client executive team. Any minor adjustments are applied and the final production is installed, tested and made ready. Streaming and On Demand content are uploaded to the host servers with all payment gateways (where applicable) ready for release. Our technical team work closely with venue managers to ensure that the best possible outcomes are delivered and that every show goes off without a hitch.

After the event is delivered we can provide a range of services including: television packages, internet/mobile & handheld broadcast, advanced analytics, highlights, trailers and sizzle reels.

Every business should constantly monitor, update and evaluate their online content. CMS has a policy of maintaining client content even after the job is finished. At the end of the event, a plan is developed to add new content, promote the production and support internal/external staff with new development goals.

It is our goal to develop a long lasting relationship with all of our clients and to see that their business endeavours are successful.


We approach every production in the same systematic way. Whether you are a start-up planning your first launch or a Top 100 company wanting to lead by design, our system adapts to meet your needs.