Project Description

In early 2013 Volvo executives invited the CMS creative team to develop something out of the box for the reveal of the all new V40 to the dealer network.

The brief required a visual event that matched the design, luxury and technical advancements that the V40 stood for. The story board was an ambitious one requiring custom set design, capture and projection of multiple backdrops and custom 3D animation onto and around Volvo’s new vehicle.

“I want to see flames”
Steve Anderson, CMS Australasia

We quickly came to the conclusion that this project could only be carried out successfully using the latest in digital technology. 3D modelling was used to calculate the position of the projectors and to visualise the distorting effects of projected images falling onto the 3D surface of the car, essential preparation to ensure every pixel fell in the correct position. Eight 14000 Lumens Barco HD projectors and five Coolux Pandora media servers were employed to seamlessly wrap projected vision onto the V40, the ‘road surface’ and the background.

“They not only met my expectations, but exceeded them every step of the way”.
Jennifer Proctor, Volvo Australia

Want to see how we did it? Click here to check out the ‘Making Of’ video.