Digital Event Services

Welcome to the future of presentation delivery.

Conference organisers, exhibitors and event attendees now have access to a hassle free Event App right in the palm of their hand. PCO’s and event organisers can effortlessly upload alerts or notifications; schedules and event programmes; offers from event exhibitors; and information updates as they happen.

More than an Event App, CMS Launchpad is a suite of integrated digital services that allows you to dramatically extend the reach and interaction of your audience. Stream live to an internet & mobile audience; mine audience data on the fly; integrate social media feeds; open up new revenue streams for your organisation and your sponsors, and a whole lot more.

CMS Launchpad operates on any Apple, or Android operating system.

Digital Event Services for Conferences & Events

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Brandable Apps and Modules - including:
  • Event Guide Planning/Scheduling
  • Alerts & Updates
  • Speaker Bios
  • Attendee Roster
  • Event/Venue Map
  • Streaming Content
  • Resource Downloads
  • Session Note Taking
  • Messaging
  • QR Code Resources
  • Exhibitor Search
  • Exhibitor Profile Management
  • Audience Tools (See Participation)

Streaming/On Demand
  • Web Casting
  • Multi Channel Input
  • Subscription Viewing
  • Advert Integration
  • Secure Hosting
  • Live Remote Audience Participation
  • Document Uploads

Audience Participation
  • Mobile Device Compatibility Onsite/Online
  • Web/SMS/Twitter submission
  • InSitu Poll Generation
  • Dynamic Push Polling
  • Results Integration
  • Speaker/Session Rating

  • Sponsorship
    • Video Ads/Feeds
    • Lower thirds
    • Watermarks
    • Integrated Multi Screen/Device Ads
    • Banner advertising
    • Event App Skinning
    • Projection mapping
  • Content
    • Campaign Support
    • Data mining
    • Secure Streaming
    • Analytics

Custom Services
  • Projection mapping
  • Online Auctions
  • Discussion Forums
  • Attendee Engagement: ie – Gamification, Quizzes…
  • Custom App Development