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CMS Broadcast enables you to have an onsite conference television channel featuring a new episode daily, shown on screens around the event, in hotel rooms, as well as online on YouTube, on the conference website, and on social media. Share conference proceedings, raise the visibility of subject experts and policy makers and provide an opportunity to learn about new and ongoing programmes that are making a difference in your field. Each daily TV show has two features: “Leadership” and “News”.

Leadership segments are short (five minute) sponsored film segments highlighting the latest advances, case studies and best practices in the featured field.

News is a daily programme of conference highlights, featuring “behind the scenes” interviews, coverage of conference events, and reactions to the day from attendees. CMS works with organisations and institutions to develop the “Leadership” programme ahead of the event to create documentary style films highlighting particular aspects of their work.

Corporate TV

From concept through to delivery, CMS Broadcast is your online visual communication partner. Our vision is to enable all of our clients an affordable service to deliver their message by any visual means – whether that is in the room, or online.  Our primary motivations are to build revenue streams for our clients by building new audiences, providing monetised content and growing new business.

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CMS Broadcast services

From live to air multi camera shoots through to fully produced and scripted advertisements and documentaries,  CMS Broadcast offers a complete and fully monetised TV channel! Transform your online presence by incorporating compelling, frequently updated news, information and entertainment content. We develop content that allows clients to create a personal connection with their audience via websites, mobile devices, social media and special-purpose applications.

Our innovations enable any business the freedom to broadcast.

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